What Happens at End of Phone Contract O2

When you sign up for a phone contract with O2, you are committing to a set amount of time during which you will pay a certain amount of money every month for your phone and service. Once that time is up, you have a few options. Here`s what happens at the end of your O2 phone contract and what your choices are:

Option 1: Keep Your Phone and Plan

If you`re happy with your phone and the plan you`ve been on, you can simply continue to pay your monthly bill as usual. Your contract will now be on a rolling basis, which means you can cancel or change your plan with 30 days` notice.

Option 2: Upgrade Your Phone

If you`re ready for a new phone, upgrading is a great option. You can choose from a range of new devices that are available on O2, and most of the time you`ll be able to keep your current plan and monthly payments. You may be required to pay an upfront cost for the new device, and the length of your contract may reset.

Option 3: Switch to a Different Plan

O2 offers a range of plans with different allowances and features, so if you find that your current plan no longer suits your needs, you can switch to a different one. You may also be able to take advantage of any promotions that O2 is offering at the time you upgrade.

Option 4: Cancel Your Contract

If you no longer want to be on a phone contract with O2, you can cancel your contract at the end of your current term. O2 requires 30 days` notice before your contract end date to avoid any early termination fees. Make sure to settle any outstanding bills before cancelling.

In conclusion, at the end of your phone contract with O2, you have a few options to consider. You can keep your phone and plan, upgrade to a new device, switch to a different plan, or cancel your contract. Evaluate your needs and preferences to make the best decision for you.